A ‘Roof’ away from ‘Home’.

As we continue to see more setups of bringing up a child, how can we leave out the ‘Hostels’?
Several couples choose to enroll their children in a boarding school for their entire school life right from their kindergarten age.
Parents choosing this option for their child is usually the outcome of not one, but many reasons.

But, at what cost??
The child at the tender years of its life needs nothing more than love, affection, attachment, care and the right kind of attention which is far from available at the hostels.

However, When a little one steps into the hostel, few things are assured.
Discipline, decision making, consistency, physical development, emotionally independent and sense of responsibility are few of many characteristics which the child will possess by the time he finishes the boarding school life, and will be very much ready to face the world.

Now!! imagine, a little soul of 5, at the boarding school, gets down with a high fever. Initially, it takes hours for the warden to note his sickness. Once it is noticed, required medical care is provided.
The sick child is then left all by himself to heal in the plain bed of the dorm room. The mind of the child wanders through the possibility of being home in the arms of its loved ones.
Every little wish, every morning prayer, every prayer at the meal is just all about being back home with his family.
Imagining his mom smiling and calling him to her arms with his eyes shut gives way to tears.

Tear spots on his pillow narrate the tale from last night every morning.
Every night making a silent wish then slowly turns to anger.
The sadness builds up within him giving birth to anger which will last a lifetime to vent out at different occasions in different manners.
The child then refuses to mingle with others as he has started enjoying his own company.
Self-centredness is one the many negative traits which make a home in the little soul, as he is taught to take care of his things, his bed, his bag, his books, his bathroom time, his meal. Ideally, everything is just made about him to inculcate the sense of responsibility and discipline.

The anger along with other negative emotions built up in a child in his early years is the most damaging factor of his personality, and a boarding school proving to be a catalyst nurturing it.

Sending our children to the boarding school should be the last or no option at all. The right age a child can be sent to hostels is when he reaches the age of 15 years to 18 years.
In his early years, he needs his love, attention and care from the right sources to develop into a beautiful and successful indidvual.

My word
My ex was admitted into the boarding school right from the age of 4 years. The difference between a boarding child and a homely child had become so clear for me.
The anger within him through the years had become so prominent. It reflected in his actions.

I feel for these kids and do not want any child to suffer in any way.

Boarding schools are no way home for the kids, but just a roof them to spend their days and nights.

What do you feel about kids being at the boarding school? Drop your comments in the dedicated section below.

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4 thoughts on “A ‘Roof’ away from ‘Home’.

  1. the only thing the child needs in the beginning stages is pure unconditional love ,as they progress, more needs get added ,but love remains constant throughout a persons life cycle ,if they dont get love home ,they ll seek it from outside and it had rippled detrimental affects ,thats how broken homes are made

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  2. Absolutely well said. Practicality has changed the feelings. People have started being more practical. But they should understand a child does not need any materialistic support they just need a human.


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