Bona Fide – Love or “Love”

In the era of the rising need for technology and diminishing value of humans around, parting ways, walking away and turning your back on your loved ones has become a norm.

Relationships being replaced by worldly objects and materials give rise to many homes breaking and scattered families.
As a result, the knot tied making you man and wife suffers the most, loosening the knot, hence, then breaking it.

The rise of need to find a short route to success and become quick rich has left the man with no real connection and attachment to the people around him.

Among the numerous reasons for homes breaking, financial standing and ups and downs are universal.
As we become more superficial day by day, turning a cold heart to the emotions of others, attract us more to the bling, tinsel and pleasure our neighborhood has to offer us on every step of our life.

As the tinsel of the town attracts, one starts looking for ways to enjoy it to the fullest, leaving him in more need of finances, resources and fake relationships. Attraction, need for more is disguised in the form of ‘so-called’ love ending up in marriages.
However, this marriage success rate is 0.

Mixing up the definition of true love with the meaning of infatuation and greed ends up in an array of late realization, broken marriages and broken hearts.
The intention behind such marriages plays a fatal role in how the marriage last and end.

“The word ‘Love’ in the Quran appears on over 90 places but interestingly it doesn’t define the word love but speaks of the very first consequence of love…commitment. Islam talks about commitment. If you truly love something or someone, you commit. If you don’t, then your claim of ‘real love’ is not real at all.” – Shayk Yassir Fazaga

True love asks for commitment, effort and sets you free rather than making you feel exhausted and all tied up.

Marriage for money
Vows are broken once the finance runs out.

Marriage for beauty
Beauty fades with age. Hence, intimacy is lost resulting in minds wandering off the wedlock, in search of a ‘new’ beauty.

Marriage for status
Once the status gets low, so does the marriage.

Prophet Mohammad SAW said:
If someone comes to you whose religion and character pleases you, then marry him.” (Sunan Al-Tirmidhi, (1084))
Thus, character, religion, virtue should be the base of a marriage followed by beauty, status and wealth.

My Pick

Eventually, all comes down to our intentions. Intentions set the music we will face as a result of our actions and decisions.

4 thoughts on “Bona Fide – Love or “Love”

  1. Whatever we do in our life, it should be with passion and love.
    Treating all people with love and tolerance will make us live peacefully and securely.
    But most important is the loyal intention and sincere relationships.


  2. if i may add,too much accumulation of wealth also leads to infidelity ,as disloyal partner will look for other avenues to vent out their evil desires .


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