Burning the bridges!!

Cupid’s arrow pierces right through your chest, blinding you to the flaws and making you go head over heels for the person you see through your rainbow glasses.
The next thing you know is you are together; mesmerized, dumbstruck by the beauty of your newest love.
Everything about your ‘very new love’ is attractive, flawless and irreplaceable.
At the sight of your ‘sweetheart’, cheeks shine redder than roses and the smile, too obvious to let go unnoticed.
Love remains in the air, sweethearts cuddling, hanging out, spending time together until knowing each other highlights the dark side of the other.
The rainbow glasses seem to lose its colour bringing forward the flaws.

Love reaches its highest point demanding for the best of efforts, but sadly that was already put in only in the initial days, all at once. Leaving both empty-handed and nothing to offer to each other making the relationship more difficult to survive.
Coochy coo, lovey-dovey talks turn into over the top yelling and arguing in no time.
Significant other starts looking out for ways to avoid spending time together.
While on the other hand, a new face comes to your vicinity, bringing all your interest and attention back into action.
Your loyalty is put at stake when just a wave in the corridor changes to having coffee breaks together.
The fights and arguments at home become more vivid as the new area of interest is slowly taking over the love, attention and time of the other.

However, a point comes where both are equally involved and interested in each other’s affairs, giving it a name ‘new BFF’. However, in no time, they become guilty of confessing their love for each other, in spite, of having a partner back home waiting for them respectively.
Giving way to more complications, issues and errors.

When a relationship is going through a turmoil, shouldn’t be looking for ways to get away from it.

Look for ways to mend the broken bridge and not burn the bridge by wandering away.

Disloyal relationships taking a poll on every other household with every passing day. If we are loyal, people in our surroundings allure us.
Therefore, always keep your deeds and intentions in check.

Always there is someone better out there. You can’t have everyone or a better one with every try.

So be happy and content with who you have. Cherish the positive side while embracing and accepting the negative.

Whoever deceives us is not one of us.” – Prophet Mohammed PBUH ((Sahih muslim 102 (43))

My Pick
Perfect is only the All-Mighty.
If we start looking for a perfect relationship or a perfect person, in the end, we end up with no one at all.

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