Fringe bag – adored <3

As my first post on my fashion blog, I choose to talk about one of my favorite accessory of all times, fringe bag. Also known as the frill bag, is a trend which can be used and worn at many different occasions and with various kind of outfits.

Be it for a shopping spree or an evening party, one can flaunt it with confidence and add to your style and elegance.

Below are two instances on which I carried my fringe bag which lift my style statement all together to a new level.

In the pictures above, (Left)

Outfit: A basil green long tunic top worn with a boho print overcoat paired with dark blue jeans and ankle length boots. The style statement was then completed with a maroon head scarf.

Accessory: Keeping it minimum with just a golden watch.

Spotlight: The fringe bag with a short handle enhances the outfit admirably

In the pictures above, (Right)

Outfit: A long asymmetrical button down florescent striped cotton shirt paired with dark blue jeans and white sneakers. A magenta scarf compliments the outfit quite well.

Accessory: (not so visible in picture, sorry about that), just a Pandora’s bracelet adorns the outfit.

Spotlight: The fringe bag on its sling handle adds grace and elegance to the casual look beautifully.

Hope you like the look and find the post helpful.

In the comment section below, let me know your take on the look and if you have any advice for me where I can improvise the look and usage of my fringe bag even better.

To have your own fringe bag click here.

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