What goes around comes around!!

Its a cycle. What you give, how you treat, how you deal with anyone today, tomorrow you’ll end up in the same situation.

Similarly, the classic examples of all is parenting.

A child sees how his parents treat his grand parents and in their old age, their child ends up treating them the same way.

Basically, Its all about karma.

However, not only does a child see his parents treat his grand parents well or unwell, but also how he is dealt with.

In their young age, parents have their child but still busy with making a living and not paying much attention to the emotional needs of the child ends up having a long term impact on the child.

Not only does he gets used to being neglected and ignored, but, also when his parents grow old and seek his attention or guidance, he is no where around to be seen.

If a child sees his parents treating his grand parents well and giving him his time and complete attention, then these parents can surely expect to have a blessed old age with their children looking after them.

What you give it what you going to get back in return.


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