Our bundle of joy!!

I have had this experience before as well, but every single time I get so excited as if its the first time I am seeing something of this kind. And this time, I want to share it with my readers.

My fish bowl, 8 active members taking up the space has just welcomed its new members born may be 2 days earlier. I happened to notice it just a few hours back. There are two tiny tots in the very minimalist bowl for my mollies.

Molly happen to be a very productive kind for an aquarium. Its favorite is the regular tap water with a pinch of salt added to spice up things in there.

Mollies are hard water fishes and are not so fragile like the other aquarium soft water fishes like the gold fish, angelfish etc.

The soft water fishes seem to be very sensitive and fragile and might immediately give up on life if there’s a slightest change in the water temperature, water level or the PH level of the water. Whereas, the hard water fish like Molly, are strong than the latter. They are fertile and do not ask for over time attention by regular checks and filtration.

Watch the video to see our little Mollies in action.

So, if your working and yet you want to keep an aquarium, which is a great source of attracting positive energy to your room or apartment, you should go for fish breed like Molly and Guppies or any other hard water fish.

Why hard water fishes, when you have a very busy schedule….

1) They do not require an oxygen pump as the bowl is having no lid.

2) Need changing of water only once a week. Could easily be managed over the weekend.

3) Thorough cleaning of the bowl is needed fortnightly.

4) Highly fertile. Overwhelming to see new tots when back home from a stressful day.

5) Male and female can easily be identified. So, while purchasing its a sure shot you have got both.

6) Highly cost effective, low maintenance.

7) Needs feeding once a day, just a pinch full at the same time every day.

8) Friendly, once they know your around will gather around your finger from the other side of the glass.

9) No requirement of a dedicated filter to be installed.

10) Available in various colors and sizes. A must have for adding charm to your amazing decor.

Hope you enjoyed this random post.

If I missed out on any point, or even if you disagree with any of the tips.

Most importantly, can you all please suggest me two really cute names for them. I love to name my fishes..

Let me know down in the comments. Love to hear from you always.

8 thoughts on “Our bundle of joy!!

  1. Fish are the critter I’ve never been able to make flourish. I’ve had several unique aquariums (gumball machine, lava lite, ect) and I went for guppies but for some reason, it never worked out.
    I had luck with male bettas in their own individual bowls, they were very pretty and soothing to watch.
    Now between kid and 3 very hyper cats, I don’t think there’s a surface high enough where I could safely keep a fishbowl and I don’t trust myself with an aquarium.
    Kind of a sad thing when I could keep a pet snaked, but not even a simple goldfish.

    I am glad your babies make you so happy 🙂

    On a side note, I wanted to ask you first. Tomorrow is Monday Meet on the blogger community and I was wondering if I could share your blog link? Or would that make you too uncomfortable? I won’t do anything until I hear back from you, but I think some new followers might help you go the direction you want to in being more confident and open. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my god!! First of all You’ve had so many pets .. woow.. i just have a cat and these fishes and already have “doing the environment a favor” feeling. 🤣🤣
      I really admire your courage to have snakes as well, that’s a level up in petting.

      Yes i would love to see my blog link shared by you. It will be an honor for me. Your thought itself means a lot, I want to thank you a trillion times already.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ❤ Great! I just didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable with sudden new attention, that is why I asked. You have to be comfortable and willing to handle it. I have grained over 37 new followers since joining the community so I think this will be good for you and your goal. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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