Breathing space!!

The Covid-19 came as a bane to mankind, but, when it comes to the environment, Covid-19 has proven itself to be a boon.

Due to the lock down, Beijing was able to witness clear skies as factory cease operations, motorists halt, etc. Hence, rejuvenating the environment and reviving the air.

The drastic difference in the skies of Beijing, China, due to the lock down.

The lockdown blessed the city of Venice, with clear waters, swimming swans and visible fishes having a gala time in the lakes of the city. 

Mumbai, the tinsel town of India, also adds to the beneficiary list of the benefits, as the lockdown has vacated its very famous tourist spots such as the Juhu Beach, hence, giving it some open and pollution-free air. 

Moreover, Covid-19 leaves the tourism industry all over the world tarnished for a noticeable period now. 

Again, giving the sought after places a breathing space to revive and rejuvenate.

The Earth needed this break. The awareness of the necessary break has been passing on through various channels. 

Some times, it was through observing Earth Day on April 22 of every year, or it was reinforcing the World Water Day on March 22 every year. 

Moreover, there is a ‘Bike-to-Work’ day observed on every third Friday of May.

The list does not end there, 21 Sept is long announced as the ‘Zero Emission Day’.

Anyhow, the list goes on, to literally, including every single day of the year to make Earth greener and save its resources from being depleted. Without any noticeable change.

One day out of 365 days isn’t of much help, so, the lockdown on all sectors and activities have proven to be very advantageous for the environment.  

All said and done. What about after the lock down is over?

As China already releases a statement stating, after overcoming the plague, it will only focus on its economic recovery. 

Taking us back to ‘square one’, maybe even into negative square one (-1). 

To recover the losses and fall in the economy, it will have to speed up its processes, productions and trades. 

Does that mean it will double the negative effect on the environment as the factories might end up working overtime and emissions of carbons in the air will multiply? 

The tourism industry will leap, yet again bringing the environment at the edge of the cliff. 

This has to be taken as a wake-up call by every single soul. We must do our part in building the environment, pollution-free and greener than ever.

So, our homework is to practice these popular steps daily in which we can fulfill our responsibility towards the mother nature.

  • Not only saying ‘No’, but, also ensuring others to say ‘NO’ to plastic.
  • Not littering our vicinity and not allowing others to do the same.
  • Tag a friend along and plant as many trees.

Anas (May Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, 

If the Hour (the Day of Resurrection) is about to be established and one of you was holding a palm shoot, let him take advantage of even one second before the Hour is established to plant it.” (Authenticated by Al-Albani)

  • Save water, save electricity.

Anas also reported that the Prophet said,

“If a Muslim plants a tree or sows seeds, and then a bird, or a person or an animal eats from it, it is regarded as a charitable gift (sadaqah) for him.” (Bukhari)

  • Use products which can be reused, recycled or degradable.
  • ‘Go Green’ by minimizing the consumption of paper. Unnecessary printing or paperwork should always be avoided.
  • Walk or let your bike take you to work twice a week. Hence, making less use of your car and cutting down on fuel consumption.

You can think of any other way to go green or save the environment or did I miss out on any, do let us know in the comment.

Hope, the officials do not get selfish in recovering from the losses and once again put the environment backstage leaving it to suffer the consequences.

We wish you a safe and greener, corona-free environment.

Do let us know, About your viewpoint on ‘after-the-lockdown’. 

Do you think this has given enough wake-up call to the authorities or things might just return to as they were? Why?

8 thoughts on “Breathing space!!

  1. I haven’t decided if it’s a wake up call or a thinning of the herd. Either way, something bad has been coming a long time because humans refuse to change their negative behaviors then whine when what they were warned about happens.
    Perhaps this will wake some people up, on the environment, as well as other things, and bring some much need change world wide.

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  2. The considerate person will take a look around during this lockdown period and learn that decades of negligence has cost the death of a loved one, or maybe a livelihood, or a family. That it’s time to re address life in a different manner. Reset our lives and spit away our ego which says “me, myself and I”. Sadly there will be others who like a an attendee at a funeral will forget God and the fear of death the following day.
    Nice post.

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    1. To become considerate is what we need to practice.
      Like you said, the fear of death and God remains only for the following few days after the burial of a loved ones..
      Hope, this time it will be different..

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  3. As Amish Tripathi mentioned in his book, “It’s our greed to extract more and more from good that turns it into evil.” . I hope we take this opportunity and try not to go back to the monkey business that spoiled the important assets.

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