“Reset Oh Foolish One”

The Sun rose like it did the day before. It was bright and sunny and so nothing changed. The night before the moon had stayed still in the sky. It was bright and was thankful for the sun casting its eye. But all had changed really and now it seemed too late.
            Let me cast my mind back to those times on the train, my head locked down with not a care in the world. Did someone look in my direction to exchange a pleasant glance.  Oh, how I now long to make eye contact again.
            Let me cast my mind back to those coffee shop occurrences with my head buried in my laptop. Did I take the time to maybe share a drink with a stranger,  ask them how they felt today. Oh, how I long for a chair in that coffee shop and make a new friend.
           Let me cast my mind back to the praising of celebs online while chastising our teachers and front line workers for pay rise demands. Did I not understand the real definition of a hero. Oh, how I long to shake and hug each and everyone of our front line workers now. Tell them what a brave and tremendous job they are doing to save us.
           Let me cast my mind back to the running around for kids thinking I was doing it all for them. Did I not stop to ask what they wanted. But now I do thank a powerful and protective force that a chance has been granted.
           I’d heard that when tyranny and obsession became our weapon of choice the powerful force would send someone,  something to reset the error of our ways. And so in my lifetime I reset. I spent my life consuming, taking, grabbing, clawing but now I must be creative, to give, to share, to once again be compassionate.
            When the dust settles, will we have learnt our lesson? Only the powerful force knows as our hearts are transparent in front of it. 

– Apinder Sahni (Potatosandwich)

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5 thoughts on ““Reset Oh Foolish One”

  1. This is a powerful post. Not a one-time read. I have to read it again and ruminate over this. Your line about tyranny and the powerful force reminds me of the sayings in the ancient purana -Bhaagavad Purana. It states in Kalyug, ethics and morals will die and crimes and atrocities will reach unimaginable levels, there will deaths and diseases everywhere and at the end Kalyug, Vishnu will reincarnate as Kalki and destroy the evil and reset the world. But according to scholars, there are tens of thousands of years before we reach the end of Kalyug. If what is says is true, I don’t know what’s coming for the future generations 😀

    Thanks for this powerful post, Apinder!

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  2. Thanks Irut for posting and peeps for your comments. For me personally I felt we just got too plugged. Reached a time where we didn’t really care about the person next door or whatever was happening in the world. Our hearts were turning dark, betraying us and we didn’t do anything about it. We’ve brought this upon ourselves…..and now we’re being reminded…..

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