#CommunityChallenge Letter to time
10-day writing challenge at Blogging community.

Dear time,

Subject: Over speeding.

All of a sudden you seem to come to stand still, as nothing seems to move forward except the number of casualties from the horrid disease.
However, in the olden days, it took ages to carry out a task or make a drastic difference.
Today, I write this letter to you with utter confusion, as to what has changed.

Affairs which lasted or took almost a year to come into the light, now it happens within a fraction of days, weeks or months.
Enough contemplation leads me to a conclusion of my own that it is all related to the advancement of technology.
Travelling took days, whereas now it has become a matter of a few hours.
Your ageing with increased productivity, as sick recover within hours, relationships break or mend within days, wars conclude within months, whereas, the wars earlier lasted for more than 5 years in a stretch.
Similarly, the epidemic upgraded itself to a pandemic within 4 months. This could have been a matter of more than a year in your teenage.

I wonder, what an influence technology has over you, exposing us to its outcomes and results.
We sure tend to enjoy and exploit it to the fullest and again face the consequences ourselves.
Nonetheless, I would request you, slow down a bit.

Just till when my son is a kid, your speed is making me miss out on him achieving precious milestones.


Do let us know in the comment. how you feel about the letter to time.

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7 thoughts on “Velocity!!

  1. We both wrote these with mom brain, thinking how time is robbing us of precious kid time 🙂

    I love your writing, it is beautiful and heartfelt.

    I miss seeing you in chat, we really need to figure out the glitch that keeps you from using it. ❤

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  2. Love that line “I wonder, what an influence technology has over you,”..nice writing

    Can anything have a hold on time? I once heard a music track in which the narrator says ‘people are running and demanding everything. A man gets into a taxi and driver says we’ll get there in 5mins. The man says why 5, I want to get there in 3’. .

    Technology makes things happen faster but does that mean we are squeezing even more into the gaps? Then we overload ourselves and suddenly experience a life changing episode…then we need the help of ‘time’ to recover.
    This is so very interesting..

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    1. Yes .. and all of a sudden lockdown has made us realize we were so overburdened..
      And like you earlier mentioned.. we din’t notice the little things around us..


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