#CommunityChallenge Letter to Life.
10-day writing challenge at Blogging community.

Dear Life,
Like for everyone else, I ain’t worried about your well-being. As you make sure you get everything out of everyone as you wish.
I write this letter with a request for reconsidering your manoeuvre.
However, until now I am nothing but a slingshot to you.
Did you not find anything else to associate me with. I could have been your Barbie doll, you know??

Since I am your favourite toy, you have been playing around with me a lot lately without going through my handbook.
Every time you retreat my strings to launch me higher, some of your bummer shots end up in landing me flat on my face.
So kindly go through the manual before you launch me this time. As my strings are being strained beyond tolerance. Me, secretly wishing, this has to be your best of all shots.

Nevertheless, I am indebted to you for striking me with your best fluke shots and positioning me, where I am, today.

On the other hand, I have been trying to understand your mechanism, which I could only gain an intermediate knowledge through pain, sorrow, laughter, anxiety and memories.

I would end my letter by asking you to strike the shot this time with full force and making an unimaginable leap where I could be grateful to you for fidgeting with me heedlessly.
As this time, the pull is stronger and the force applied is unbearable.
So, kindly make sure all the pain and bearing is worth it.

Thanking you in anticipation,
Your slingshot.

Do let us know in the comment. how you feel about the letter to life

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11 thoughts on “Slingshot!!

  1. Wonderful imagery Irut, we are all puppets on the string I guess. I like the ‘slingshot’ notion as it reminds me of something scientific, a way of getting around something in super fast motion. At least it puts an end to the slow burning interrogation that life has a way of carrying out.

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  2. Stretched beyond tolerance.

    This is the fate of a slingshot.

    PotatoSandwich is right about the VELOCITY involved.

    A wheel of course is another simple macine.

    Me, I have felt like a rolling stone. Sometimes I gather storm; sometimes I gather moss.

    And also the tides.

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    1. Wooww!! Imagination at its best. By slingshot, I tried to depict the constant changes life makes us go through and no two shots are of same speed, or force, or distance, every time we end up at a different position.

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      1. Slingshots really are unique, aren’t they, especially the forces and the constant changes of life.

        I think David may have understood this. I don’t know that he got Goliath at his first or even his hundredth try.

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