Where the Light touches the Earth!!

#CommunityChallenge Letter to Life.
10-day writing challenge at Blogging community.

Dear ‘Dream Destination’,

2003, enthralled, I walk out of the movie theatre thinking of the captivating scenes of the movie ‘Brother Bear’. Baffled and questioning the existence of such a creation. I asked my mom, only to learn, the lights touching the Earth do exist on the other side.
13 year old, then, was bewitched by the magical lights meeting the Earth with a covet to get to the other side of the World.
Since then you, Aurora Borealis is my dream destination, be it in any of the lucky countries hosting it.
I secretly pray for you to not lose your enchantment to the various harmful aspects of the atmosphere to which most of the world couldn’t win. Stay safe from global warming, climate change and many other depreciating aspects.
At least I request you to hold on to your true self till I see you and feel you in every breath I take.
Just hold on till I capture every curve in the reels of my DSLR and memorise every colour of your existence.
For me, Aurora Burealis is a synonym for a dream destination.
Hope you take my desire to visit one day seriously and do sustain yourself and your beauty until then.

Your aspirant.

Do let us know in the comment. how you feel about the letter to ‘Dream Destination’.

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9 thoughts on “Where the Light touches the Earth!!

  1. Wonderful. I first saw the pics in one fo the books from our school library. I was instantly in love with this. Nature never ceases to amuse and amaze us. Hope you would reach there in the future (I would not recommend this year)

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