#CommunityChallenge Letter to an old friend.
10-day writing challenge at Blogging community.

Dear Hina,

Subject: I miss you!!

How are you? Where are you?
The last memory I have of you is from the farewell we bid to each other in early 2002. Since then I have longed to meet you, see you, know about your whereabouts but, all efforts were in vain.
The memories we made are irreplaceable. Courtesy of my best childhood days goes to you. Our never-ending hours of role-playing, cycling, hide and seeks are still fresh in the mind as though it just ended yesterday.
Two neatly done plaits with red ribbon bow at the end lay softly on your skinny shoulders and loose hair at the fore-front framing your dusky bony face gracefully. Crystal clear image of our first encounter, you accompanying your mom to our house to do the chores.
then it became a daily thing in no time.
Times, situations changed, we moved away. Best friends became strangers overnight. We couldn’t be in touch anymore as our finances and age did not equip us to be in touch at the time.
However, after 10 long years, I did come back to refresh our old memories, only to find out you had eloped with a man of your choice and your parents had disowned you. Your mom didn’t discuss much, but, she was delighted to see me.
Any ways, where ever you are, I hope you are doing good. And, whenever I have to talk about my childhood friend or childhood memory, be it through a letter or be it anything related, the only name comes to my mind is ‘HINA’.
I miss you.

Hoping to meet you one day.

Do let us know in the comment. how you feel about the letter to ‘an old friend’.

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6 thoughts on “Nostalgia!!

  1. This is beautiful! 🙂 But I’d say you remove the part where you talk about security question. Why are you always putting yourself at risk? :O

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  2. Beautiful and sad at the same time. Such is the sad fact of life that relationships are often weighed in monetary and status as opposed to the invisible benefit and joy they give. The world is such a small place and maybe one day who knows. I read somewhere when you want something so bad the ‘Universe conspires together to make it happen’.

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