Covet for reminiscence!!

Every moment worth enduring is captured, felt and seized in various forms. Since ages, gravitation to relive cherished moments coveted. History witnesses the quenching of such desires to capture moments using various ways. Umpteen techniques adopted to document such moments and memories have been registered throughout history.
Be it live sketch, sculptures in the mountains, statue making, sewing a war scene, or painting a wedding scene, etc is scattered all over the map in various museums and galleries.
Hanker seemed to have not died a bit with the passing time. It has evolved beyond imagination, just the approach of captivation has undergone a drastic transformation.
The paintings, sketching, sculpting has been all taken over by myriad photography, yet, making the obsolete an invaluable affair.
Today, I do this post, wondering the pining for photography people across the globe share.

A picture clicked from a plane capturing the beauty.

Photography is no more confined to moments, occasions and cherished moments, but, has widened horizons to abstract, aesthetic, macro, beauty, nude, underwater, time-lapse, stock, still, satellite, aerial, panoramic, perspective, landscape, conceptual, candid, portrait, action and many more versions. Aesthetic photography however always intrigues me, while candid shots are my favorite.

Nonetheless, the most trending one is the ‘selfie’ photography, conventional kind at the disposable of a layman.
The moments captured on a reel, are hardly ever re-visited, nisi you are a professional or capture moments out of passion.
Irrespective of the probability of a re-visit, we tend to click, snap, shoot and capture moments. Usually having ourselves on cleave to either to seize the moment or to live the moment.
A part of the population falls under the ‘live in the moment’ banner, while the other half, is busy capturing every single moment and making it feasible for a re-visit.

A picture clicked in Kashmir, India

Every kind of photography is a form of art and hard work. It can only come out beautiful and effective when done with passion and love.
However, the emotional rush on the sight of every moment from the past through snaps is overwhelming. The potential power to pause your errands and make you spend hours going through the clicks one after the other is undeniable.
A concoction of emotions deluges our heads rewinding the exhaustive arena of the picture. Making the time passed by since then, beyond belief.

The idea of this post struck me when accidentally, I came across a picture of my son, Owais, in his initial months of existence. The accident of lasted for about more than 2 hours, still, I couldn’t get enough. The inscrutable pleasure is indescribable. With every picture effortlessly the memories of the moment flooded as it had been lived along with ‘behind the scenes’ moments.

I am not much of an enthusiast when it comes to storing every moment you live in the reel. ‘Live in the moment’, was a more agreeable statement for me until yesterday. But, yesterday, the pictures made me realize the influence of photography in one’s life and to re-visit the moments, the occurrence of which has been long forgotten.

From now on, I plan big on capturing my moments and clutching the memories while living in the moment from behind the camera. An idea of collecting my sons pictures at every stage of his life, and showcasing at his wedding has occurred to me, hoping it will be easier done, than said.

How do you think is the idea of becoming a regular at photographing your moments? What kind of photographer are you currently? which photography intrigues you the most? How did you find the post?
Let us know in the comments below.

13 thoughts on “Covet for reminiscence!!

  1. I have a crap $30 phone so the camera does not take flattering pictures. Mostly I find myself using it to capture moments with my kid and cats or funny oddities I see here and there, like an alien mailbox.

    Maybe if I had a better camera and more than midwestern corn fields as scenery I’d be more interested in photography. Right it’s just about catching moments in time that I can keep with me always.

    Your boy is gorgeous 🙂

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    1. So basically, you are more of a ‘live in the moment’.. i hope u capture all the best memories of spook n save it for her..Btw how often do you see your younger self or pictures from your past and get lost in the past??

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  2. I think m falling in love with your writing style…. Amazing read… The fact of capturing, treasuring and revisting the moments was never felt so important to before reading this post…. Henceforth I will… 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Loved the idea of displaying your sons pictures on his wedding day… Keep the collection on 👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻

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  3. Love those pics Irut, Owais so adorable . I like taking pics of the kids in their different guises. Sometimes they’ll complain but I tell them its to show case on their weddings days. I’ll try and capture a moment or something I feel I can pin some words too. Camera phones have really allowed one to take a snap in an instant. But the problem is taking too many and sharing too much.
    My uncle, who is a 36 exposure enthusiast, always says to me ‘these digital pics are no good because you never really show or print them’. He’s not half wrong.
    Look forward to more pics.

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    1. Yea that’s the thing about passionate photographers, they can’t deal with us amateurs clicking pics here and there.. to them its a waste of talent..

      Been there done that, my sisters a professional photographer
      But i hardly have my ears open to her photography tips🤣🤣🤣🤣


      1. Lol. I know of amateur photographers who have a better idea for a moment in comparison to the pro’s. Taking photos is every persons freedom of expression….not just for a select few.

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  4. I am not a selfie photographer. I am more of a nature and random things photographer. capturing things that I like, you might have got a glimpse if you have seen my ‘moments’ posts. I used to click a lot of photographs earlier but now, I try to live in the moment more.

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    1. Yeah I do go through those and I even love the idea 💡 . So, how are you finding the change btw.. the “in the moment” life is better … revisiting it later on was even better??

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      1. revisiting does take me back to the time i clicked.. what made me click it, what was i doing in that moment, it’s a sweet reminder. but instead of clicking 10 pics of that moment, I have reduced to 1 or 2 so that I can enjoy it more at that time and when i revisit, i have more heartfelt emotions 🙂

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