Life span of a bubble!!

This is for who you were and what you should be;
you were someone with high aspirations and big dreams,
you wanted to travel a lot and explore the unexplored,
you wanted to walk high streets, live in a mansion,wear exquisite clothes and fine jewelry with an army of servants-a princess.

Splash !!! Wake-up, Wake-up,

You are 21, married, and the reality is;

Your loneliness having a spouse, bruises, hurt, pain and turmoil. Physical and emotional trauma, you are disconnected.

5 years of tragedy ended with a lesson ideal ending isn’t possession of wealth but genuine relationship.

Alas!! learnt it a very hard way.

Now you yearn for a small loving home where trust, respect are valued and treasured, which can be cherished for life. Like your previous dreams, this too remains unfulfilled.

At 29, you are gifted with a divorce with a package of fights over our two daughters, least expected but you braved the storm and came out of it with dignity and grace and ready to dream once again!! Ready to blow my bubble again!!

This time be kind to yourself by loving yourself first and living your dream and be an inspiration and leave behind a legacy that no one can define you but the CHOICES you make.

Now is your chance to live your dreams.

Do let us know in the comment below, how you liked our post.

9 thoughts on “Life span of a bubble!!

  1. Raw! Brave!
    My immediate thoughts. At 21 were allowed to have those dreams and aspirations. And why not.
    I’m sorry that your experience has been a terrible one, especially when children are involved.
    Let’s create small bubbles which upon bursting give us only the urge to create new ones…not the pain of loss.


  2. Every girl dreams of having her Mr right in her life… So did you but every girl isn’t fortunate enough to have it fulfilled….
    You got married at a tender age of 21 and didn’t enjoy a happy n contented marital life…. U endured n lived for your kids but the bubble of endurance bursts when it comes to your kids…. Truely said that you should live first for yourself n then for others….
    Loved your piece of writing …. May you blow new bubbles that never burst n even if they do you emerge out more evolved, wise and full of determination to built a better, happy n wonderful world for your kids n yourself…..

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