Emotional Sedation!!

Admiration, adoration, appreciation of beauty, amusement, anger, anxiety, awe, awkwardness, boredom, calmness, confusion, craving, disgust, emphatic pain, entrancement, excitement, fear, horror, interest, joy, nostalgia, relief, etc are all various categories of emotions. 

A typical person would experience many of the above emotions in different instances. 

An individual who encounters various emotions and gracefully handles it is taken to be mentally stable along with being aware of himself and his actions. 

The correlation of emotions with feelings is that of height and weight. 

Every emotion has a specific feel along with it. 

Every emotion is a blessing, be it of any kind. 

However, today, I would like to dedicate my post to emotional sedation. Sedative effect on our mental awareness of emotions. 

A traumatic childhood, an unexpected negatively charged extreme event which we were never prepared to face at the given time. It’s a hard blow on our psychological and emotional capacity of dealing with situations. Thus, leading to tinnitus, further resulting in lingering emotional numbness.

Emotional numbness, surprisingly, apart from the above-stated cause, can also be cultural and societal. In many cultures, the emotional state is not given due attention and hence, crying is related to weakness, while anger is looked up for strength. These societies pushing the mental health under the carpet, emphasizes its people on being stoic, rational and emotionally invulnerable. 

Having oneself in these various situations, the preferred road is simple, not to feel any emotions at all. 

The instance can be no better than that of a rape victim. The atrocious episode leaves the victim with a string of loud tinnitus and moving on to emotional numbness. the heinous event concludes in a void of emotions. Unable to feel, express or communicate becomes new configuration in the system of the sufferer. Similarly, severe loss, stress, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), physical and mental abuse, are also few of many causes for sedation of emotions.

When speaking of mental health, emotional numbness is still a secret disease calling out for more attention. large numbers are oblivious of their malady, while others are in denial, as being stoic, stable and emotionally aware are always valued and held in high prestige. 

The crisis awareness of emotional numbness is eminent. Somebody in sentimental anaesthesia is no longer aware of any feeling, emotions or sentiments. Be it of his own or anyone involved, hence, dysfunctional coping mechanisms, depression, spiritual emptiness, inability to enjoy life, inability to form close and fulfilling relationships, disconnection from the inner self, confusion, irritability, fatigue, addictions, chronic illnesses, and somatic illnesses, inconsideration, insensitiveness, etc follows.

Being mindful of ourselves and ones around us is the key to reach out. 

Mentioned below are a few analytical ways in which one can be pinpointed.

  • Failure to express strong negative or positive emotions
  • Inability to “fully participate” in life (i.e. feeling like you’re a passive observer)
  • ‘Life is like a dream’ sense. (a feeling of unreality)
  • Living on autopilot.
  • Absence of interest in schemes, others find fun.
  • Feeling aloof from others.
  • An impulse to revoke from friends and family members.
  • Emotions are only felt in the body as sensations, but not by the mind
  • Animosity for people who show vivid emotions (both positive and negative)
  • Feeling numb in situations which should typically engender strong emotion
  • Panic attack when intense emotions eventually breakthrough.
  • Emptiness within.
  • Physical and mental insentience or blandness.

The extreme numbness may even influence the patient for suicidal attempts too.

Once we know the causes. Identify the silent bearers to recommend the ways to cure the silent disease.

As, the sentimental sedation is not permanent and so, the cure is available for both, long and short term. 

  • Identify the underlying reason for the numbness. 
  • See a psychiatrist. It is completely alright to visit a mental-health doctor. The old fashioned taboo of having a mental health issue is no more a dispute (at least in many countries and cultures). 
  • Talk to people who you feel closest to. People who make you feel connected, communicate and help yourself attain relief.
  • Exercise daily. Yoga, boxing, kick-boxing are great stress busters. However, a casual walk around the neighborhood also does wonders.  
  • Get ample sleep. Lack of sleep adds to the irritation and fatigue, hence, worsening the situation.
  • A well-balanced healthy diet is a must. It helps regulates and improves your mood.
  • Stress management. Minimize the stress and engage in stress-busting activities like meditation, prayers. Identify the stress enhancing factors and try to deal with them positively while getting rid of them eventually.
  • Determine emotions and articulate emotions. if you find this the hardest. do not delay in seeing a psychiatrist, let him tap your emotions for you and you can take it forward from there. 🙂

To the ones who are suffering from emotional numbness, you are not the only one. There are a lot more fighting the secret fight daily and maybe in the worst of situations. This sickness is momentary if crucial care is provided at once.

Have your say on emotional numbness in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “Emotional Sedation!!

  1. The awareness of Mental Health has improved over the last few years, globally, with more and more being invested to help people of all ages. However, having said that, in some communities it is still ‘swept under the carpet’. Coming from an Indian heritage, your comments on crying being a weakness and anger being strength so resonates with what I have heard growing up. To add to that, excessive drinking of alcohol was seen as bravado, macho – which often led to abuse and again hidden in our society. When actually the underlying problem could be the person is suffering from a mental illness and drinking to bury that experience as deep down as possible.
    I think we are better aware in the sense that we would now spot some of those signs and actually not be scared to intervene or do something, even if it meant upsetting others along the way.
    Nice post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I can so very well relate to what it would have been like to be raised in such a manner.. It needs courage and wisdom to be able to approach the one suffering without letting him feel belittle or crazy.. as many still think that mental health issue is nothing but being crazy in the head 😄


  2. A fantastic post shedding some light on emotional numbness. Hm. I was interested in learning about stoicism and I have downloaded some books. Because, my idea of it was similar to what Bhagavad Gita said – Do your work and don’t get fixated on the results. Treat good and bad outcomes the same. I have personally experienced in certain occasions that it helps. But I am not aware if it is by the shunning of the emotions. May be, I am just misinterpreting stoicism and being stoic as one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad you liked it.. it seems you have done some good reading on the subject and yes there are various ways in which a sufferer can be helped and the approach can also be through various scriptures only when not misinterpreted and the message is clear enough …


  3. No crying in my family, that’s being a big baby. However, screaming, name calling, swearing and punching things are completely acceptable.
    Still think I was switched at birth, I am nothing like these people called my family.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Crying is such an overt aspect of emotion, Its despairing to see people nullifying a complete form of emotion in such a ruthless manner, even back in India we are being bought up in the same manner until and unless you are born in an exceptionally understanding family..
      In this case, I would say its good you are not like that.. you accept it and embrace your emotions rather than just becoming anesthetic towards them 🌹

      Liked by 1 person

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