Comfort amidst crisis

Blue has been the colour of the year 2020 since its commencement. 2020 arrived at our cribs with handouts containing loneliness, unemployment, miserliness, depression and too much free time for the empty vessels to make a lot of noises.  

Many coping up with the plight by shifting their daily ways to innovative ones. Giving rise to virtual offices, makeshift work stations, online classes, virtual interaction and many more. On the other hand, a larger group is categorized under the unemployed, sick, hungry, broke and stranded. 

The world came to a standstill overnight before we could even realise. 

Inflation in uncertainties came paired with the plunge in the economy. 

As the months passed by, while nature enjoyed its pink interim, the population adopted and complied with the need of the hour and stayed put with the rules and regulations. 

Each one has been put through a unique trial to survive on its own during these times. Uninformed of the twists and turns the future holds. 

Withstanding the struggles, May 2020 knocked on the doors with the glad tidings of the blessed month of Ramadan. 

Since the dawn of my existence, Ramadan to me has been the most exciting month of the year, a month full of worship, fasting, celebrations, gatherings, feasting, invocations, frequent visits to the masjids (mosques), new outfits, gifts and many more.

Like every year, the nearing of Ramadan filled our hearts with excitement and optimism, but, with a spark of apprehension. Several doubts came into being as the serene drive through the divine month seemed futile.

However, it arrived on its destined time and like all the years, this year as well, it came with all the love, peace, serenity, alacrity and even better, more bonding. 

On day 1 of Ramadan, After suhur (early morning breakfast at dawn for entering into the day of fasting), perched on the rooftop, adoring the soft wind caress my skin while the ethereal sun rays swelled up in the sky, made me appreciate the moments I had forsaken for the sake of my busy schedule and my stressful life, it was then the blissful dawn of my Ramadan. 

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A girl saying her invocations

This Ramadan stopped by with the intentions of more than just spirituality, devotion and celebration, but, with gratitude, awakenings, reinforcing the values, counting our blessings, and with comfort amidst the crisis. 

As masjids were shut, homes have turned into masjids, as all the five prayers are being offered in a congregation with the family, yet again bonding the family even closer. 

No work, no school, meant more time for reading the holy book of Quran, getting to know the religion better, while spiritually getting more aware and every time feeling more harmony with the lock-down, making our offerings and invocations ardent than ever. For the first time in months, during the Covid 19 crisis, I was pleased with the lock-down, as we all stuck together while fulfilling the chores assigned to each one of us making the rituals of Ramadan more fun and lively. My dad leading all the prayers of the day makes my heart swell up with pride as he succeeds in preserving the true spirit of the month. 

Seizing the free time, I instil knowledge all about Ramadan, religion and Quran to my son, which I doubt I would have been capable in a regular Ramadan. 

However, there are traditional Ramadan happenings which we miss, like exchanging of dishes with our neighbors, the night prayers at the masjids, the massive tents set up at masjids for free-give-away Iftaars (a meal had after the sunset to open the fast), no new outfits for Eid (the month is then concluded by celebrating a festival known as Eid – al – Fitr). no gatherings and many such simple pleasures. 

Ibn Abbas reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Verily, the believer is in good shape in every situation. He praises Allah Almighty even while his soul is taken out of his body.

Source: Musnad Aḥmad 2475.

I am thankful to my Lord, I have this Ramadan amidst lock-down. I guess it’s what we needed the most to comfort our souls, mind and body while awakening ourselves spiritually amid all the stress and adversity. 

What is your take on Ramadan during this lock-down, do let us know in the comments below?

Do let us know what has been your comfort element this lock-down. in the comments below?

24 thoughts on “Comfort amidst crisis

      1. Hi shweta, hope you are doing good?
        I had a question regarding the blogger awards.. how do we get to nominate others and how we get nominate.. if you can help me with that please

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      2. I’m better now, thank you. There’s no rule. You can nominate any blogger you want and you can be nominated by anyone too. Some nominate all their followers and whoever who reads the post, etc.

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      3. Link to the post which u haven’t published yet🤪🤪🤪🤪 It jus crossed my mind that you were going to nominate and stuff and then realised you didn’t so I thought you have already done it

        Thanks .. wll be waiting😃

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      4. Ohh no. I had a really bad migraine and I was reducing my screen time. Today is my first pain-free day after it started. I’ll definitely let you know when I publish it. There’s no way I’m forgetting that. 😄

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      5. Oh Im so sorry to hear that and didn’t mean to disturb you .. I just got a lil over the board with whole idea of blogs n awards.. you please take care of yourself and now im at ease as I know you won’t forget about it.. thanks 😊 I

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      6. I know. I understand. It’s alright. I got your hopes up. I can understand. I was so psyched about my first award too. Hopefully, I’ll be able to complete the post today. I’ll be sure to pingback to your latest post. And I’ll leave a comment. I will not forget. I can assure you. ♥️

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  1. Thanks for sharing a wonderful post Irut – Ramadan Mubarak firstly and bless you and family with great health.
    My local Gurdwara closed it’s doors beginning of April, but we have been able to connect to daily services online.

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      1. Our Gurdwara has as various volunteer teams in place, one being IT. The team set up webcams around the different prayer halls and showed the local priests, who live on site, how to activate them. Prayers start around 4am and run through the day until evening. People can log onto the temple Facebook page and see the live stream. Next month there will be a mobile app which people can download and watch through that too. Also, if a family wants to celebrate an occasion, they can donate online, and then log into a private virtual room for a dedicated reading for that occasion. Some cool stuff.

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      2. Wooowww!! That’s why I believe in what Einstein said ‘science without religion is lame, and religion without science is blind’
        I think for situations like these, the qoutes are meant😇😇 even we have weekly sermons and stuff 🤣🤣

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  2. Alhumdulillah (all praise to Almighty God) this lockdown has indeed brought each n every member of the house close to each other. This Ramadan is different than the previous Ramadans, it has been a beautiful one as I see my son leading the prayers while we all follow him. Each one of us is involved in reading the holy book Quran. I feel strong n peaceful n wish to stay same throughout.

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