From dust to dust!!

A prevailing fact, humans are created from various elements found in dust, making the elements of the deceased un-foreign for the soil to accept and enfold. Hence, the famous quote, ‘from dust to dust’.

As each category has exceptions, the formation of humans is exempted from having an exception. Irrespective of colour, caste, culture, religion, status, lifestyle, etc. the unprejudiced soil invariably embraces the carcass.
The global population falls under ‘rags to riches’ bracket on the monetary axis. Yet, the life envelopes shut in the same soil, making it no different for the affluent or the destitute.

While the course of formation elements being the same as the dissolving elements for all, locating the loophole for racism, discrimination is beyond reach.

However, annihilation by mending the loopholes is practicable.
Contempo chaotic episodes of manslaughter merely for the skin colour is barbaric.

An abhorrent glance while spitting out a few spiteful phrases over morning tea shaking our heads in despair, has been our only action condemning repugnant executions.

Most of us lucky getting away from such racist situations, but, the few who land up there, hardly make it out of there safe and sound. Scarred emotionally or physically or in worst scenarios, enters walking, exits on stretchers.

How fair is it, to be treated unjustly only by the skin colour?
Is it just the skin colour or beyond that??
Verily, the skin tone has nothing to do with it. The victim of racism is at no fault, but, falls prey to the ludicrous behaviour of questionable individuals. Upbringing is extensively responsible for various approach towards different culture, caste and race.

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Beauty in diversity

Minute a soul leaves the comfort of the womb into the world, the ears are filled with remarks on the skin tone of the newborn. Whereas, a child irrespective of colour is a blessing in every sense. We are born with no discrimination sense.

Then the baby gets showered with white dolls and flawless toys. Hence, lighting a spark of ‘appearance is only that all matters.’ Here, the dolls could be of different colours and race while a few flawed toys can do help the child a great deal in accepting the impaired mates and gifted companions, inculcating a sense of inclusion and acceptance.

Our voice becomes their voice. The way we address others becomes their way of communication.

Further, idolizing actresses and actors who look good and made to appear flawless increases the want to be like them and adding to the negativeness against the concept of inclusion and acceptance.
Acknowledging and accepting the community as it is without any remorse will nullify the acts like bullying, ragging and other irking behavior.
take over the hatred for color and caste, only ending up extreme episodes of mutilation.

Let’s begin educating and practicing from our homes and within our means.
To end my post, I would like to highlight facts of racism never being a part of any religion. For example: In the Holy Quran, Allah says “…We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other. Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of God is he who is the most righteous of you.” (Qur’an, 49:13)
Here, stated clearly that no man is held higher or lower in position, but, is only honored based on his deeds.

Race, caste is the brainchild only of humans and we need to get rid of it.

Do comment below, your views on the subject.

8 thoughts on “From dust to dust!!

  1. last few instances around the globe makes me wonder are we really progressing ? or still living the dark stone age era ? humans have threatened the inhabitants of this world more than any species .we are not being civilized but more wild than the animals ,we donot deserve a place here ,we should have long been extinct , RIP humanity 😥

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  2. “Upbringing is extensively responsible for various approach towards different culture, caste and race”.

    I couldn’t agree more Irut. The problem facing us is ‘institutionalised racism’. Being fed something from a young age that you know no better. We have to hit at the source of the issue to make that difference.

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  3. Powerful post. The kids don’t listen to what you say, they observe what you do. We have to do what is right and they learn that. Many times its ignorance and fascinations driven by movie culture. World has come a long way but still a long way to go. I would like to share something that I learnt new from a YouTube channel that explained the difference between a prejudice and racism. I liked it.

    “In order for something to be a racism, it has to be a systemic inequality, a systemic power imbalance that is added to prejudice.”

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  4. You have penned your thoughts with such lucidity. Everyday I come across incidents of violence and lynching based on hearsasy rumours and comments by a few ignorant people. I wonder if the society at large is moving to a exclusive way of life- where any opinion contrary to your views is to be looked down upon and trampled?
    Everyday lives are lost and taken under the garb of patriotism, nationality, caste, creed and religion. If only the world John Lennon spoke about in his song ‘Imagine’ would come true but alas.

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