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Irut Sayed, Creator, writer, blogger –

Irut Sayed, 29. Had her fair share of ups and downs, breakups and multiple new beginnings.

Masters in International Business from an American University, based in the United Arab Emirates. For a living, I work as an administrative manager / social media content creator for a leading preschool in the town.

I aspire to share my knowledge, experience from which the world can gain knowledge, relate and feel free to respond and share their views in return.

In the 21st Century, people have discovered immense ways to escape their fears, emotions and just want ‘to laugh it off’ about everything.

Yet, having a secret desire to have someone with whom they can talk to, discuss their fears, share their feelings, discuss their emotions, and talk about and on everything which they wouldn’t in a general surrounding.

Keeping the above in mind. I start this blog to provide a platform for various individuals of all sectors, genders, and races to come forward and talk and share what they want to discuss and let the world learn from their experiences.

I want the world to know my story, my struggles. Similarly, I am certain, there are many out there who want to do the same.

Apart from all the above, we will add a little more fun and twist by discussing fashion, style and outfit ideas. (I love to get new outfit ideas and try it out.)

So, Let’s get together and enlighten, teach and help each other to fight whatever struggle each one is facing secretly.

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  1. Wallahi…. I am sooo highly impressed n proud of you my darling….. Keep up the spirit n keep going…. Let the world repent on what asset have they lost… Always stay blessed, soar the sky…. N make me more n more proud….. Love you to the moon and back….. 😘😘😘😘😘

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