A little give, A little take!!

Give and take are two cogs required to be in absolute sync for healthy relations.

Whats your personality?

Take a quick test and know your personality type, helping you to grow and develop in all aspects of life.

Emotional Sedation!!

Emotions play a substantial role in how we conduct ourselves. But, what happens when emotions take a day off??

Had we confessed!! – (Guest Post)

Life is too short to hold any regrets.. A post by sheensbuffet.

Life span of a bubble!!

When your dreams fall apart and you dare to dream again.

The Macho Sentiment (Guest Post)

A striking article by Mr. Sadogapan on Men and how they handle emotions.


10 day letter writing challenge - letter to 'an old friend'.

Aghaz-E-Aftaab آغاز-ی-آفتاب

A set of beautifully written Shayari especially for glittercut.com. #urdushayari #urdu #shayar #poetrycommunity #writerslife #bloggers #2liners

In Pieces!! – (Guest Post)

a post by Niki noir - Struggles of a single mother while breaking down to pieces.